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A brief overview of CONIMAST’s latest achievements.

The BRAKE pole

The Brake pole consists of a curved conical structure, with variable sections and curved elements. Its key feature? The angle of the pole, which adds a great deal of originality to its line. Brake can be fitted with a cluster of adjustable floodlights to produce evenly-distributed lighting.

Development of the Charles Trenet esplanade

Contracting authority: City Council of Argelès-sur-Mer

Architect project supervisor: Archi Concept

Engineering project supervisor: Agence BE2T

Installation: Arelec TP

Distributor: Concept Eclairage

La Défense (department 92)
Night design of the circular boulevard

Zénith curved poles installed on the circular boulevard of La Défense, designed by Agathe Argod and made by CONIMAST, meet a functional need: light up, at the same time, the whole of the circular boulevard of La Défense, comprising three roads, with the light aimed at the road.

17 9.8 m high curved poles were installed. They include three 4200 K white iodide sources creating a futuristic atmosphere, paint colour “Futura Mars 25 25 sablé”. The light height is 6.20 m, 7.20 m and 7.80 m. Three additional poles have already been installed on the south side, and four more are planned.

Le Qwartz (department 92)
Lighting is essential for the attractiveness of shopping centres

The poles and their supporting elements made by CONIMAST were created specially by Franck Franjou, lighting designer for the project, to light up Le Qwartz shopping centre in Villeneuve-la-Garenne.
They make it possible to fit RGB LED spotlights (8 per pole), traffic lighting, and hang kakemonos.

Oullins (department 69)
Tree Light, naturally urban

Thanks to its pure and innovative design, inspired by nature, created by Pierre Philippe Garde (Cobalt), Tree Light gives refinement to public land by day and night. A technical feat in production terms, Tree Light is resolutely sustainable: the steel it is made of is entirely recyclable and it is equipped with very low consumption LEDs. It represents a new stage in the integration of street furniture, as can be seen when it was first installed at the Oullins multimodal transport hub.

Carpentras (department 84)
The new multimodal transport hub lit up

For the new multimodal transport hub in Carpentras, CONIMAST has produced H poles (designed by Yves Bral, lighting designer, and the lighting agency Nicolas Lebunetel), functional lighting supports, as well as fun lighting animations: chromatic lines cross the ground to the poles, climb up them and trigger colourful scenarios. The poles are completed by standard Tubicas, linked by ropes and bearing a light.

Sélestat (department 67)
The Sélest poles light up the Place de la Victoire

Named after the town in the Bas-Rhin department where it is installed, the Sélest pole designed by Vialis and manufactured by CONIMAST has an innovative form: on a square base, two poles are fitted with spotlights. The technical elements are located in the base, and Wi-Fi antennas and loudspeakers are fixed to the pole itself. 7 7-metre poles are installed on the Place de la Victoire.

Greater Lyon (department 69)
Banks of the Saône: involvement in the redevelopment of a site

CONIMAST lampposts were selected in connection with the project to redevelop the banks of the Saône, in two towns: Rochetaillée-sur-Saône and Fontaine-sur-Saône (Greater Lyon).
In Rochetaillée-sur-Saône, 9 poles, 7 m and 9 m high, light up the access roads to the 2km walkway; a further 49 4.50m poles are located in the pedestrian zone and car park.
In Fontaine-sur-Saône, CONIMAS has installed 23 4m poles – single or double arm poles with rear lights – that bring to life and light up the walkway.
69 other poles measuring between 8 m and 12 m light up the roads and green areas.

Brest (department 29)
Line of CONIMAST poles for the tramway!

Since June 2012, 800 Brest-blue Conica poles mark the 14.3 km of the first tram line in Brest. They are seafront-treated and have hinged doors and about 1,500 consoles.
8-metre lampposts light up the rails, while pedestrian zones are lit up by 4.5 m and 5 m poles. Most are single arm, with some 8 m double arm poles light up traffic islands at crossroads.

The CAPE VERT pole

Eight special 9-m tall conical poles illuminate Cape Vert’s new multi-activity centre in Quetigny (21). Cape Vert’s identity is visible on both sides of the pole.

Contracting authority: City Council of Quetigny
Installation: Eiffage

The brand new Parc Olympique Lyonnais

CONIMAST has installed thirty-two 18-m poles and six 16-m poles to illuminate the Parc Olympique Lyonnais car parks in Décines (69). Designed in two parts, they are surmounted by a crosspiece topped with a needle. Each pole includes 2 to 4 floodlights.

Contracting authority: Foncière du Montout (OL Group)
Project Supervisor: Vinci (design-build contract)
Architect: Populous
Urban planner: INTENS-CITE
Lighting designer: Cobalt
Installation: SERPOLLET – SPIE

High masts

CONIMAST offers a wide range of functional multi-sided masts made of galvanized steel, in the standard version, from 16 to 24 m or more for your custom projects.
The masts are manufactured in our workshops at Saint-Florentin, all of which are equipped with efficient and modern production and control units. Masts can be painted by powder coating on request.