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New products

The BRAKE pole

The Brake pole consists of a curved conical structure, with variable sections and curved elements. Its key feature? The angle of the pole, which adds a great deal of originality to its line. Brake can be fitted with a cluster of adjustable floodlights to produce evenly-distributed lighting.

Development of the Charles Trenet esplanade

Contracting authority: City Council of Argelès-sur-Mer

Architect project supervisor: Archi Concept

Engineering project supervisor: Agence BE2T

Installation: Arelec TP

Distributor: Concept Eclairage

The Sticks* pole

As Pierrelatte’s main city thoroughfare, Rue de Gardon serves the industrial zone devoted to large and small businesses and continues on into the urban centre. This axis was at the heart of a redevelopment programme launched by the City Council, aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of the downtown area. Philippe Gonnet, a landscape architect and designer, designed the landscaping and lighting aspects.

“I wanted to include the surrounding countryside in this area which has so few plants. This was done by adding Mediterranean plants to recreate a very natural style, and by installing Sticks lighting poles, which I designed by drawing my inspiration from tree branches.

Graphically, its line is simple yet powerful, particularly in its ‘single bracket’ version, which boasts knots and fork, like a real tree. To enhance this impression, the base of the pole has been embellished with a wood-mark effect.”

Thirty-odd 6 and 8-m poles in single and double bracket version have been installed on site.

*Registered design

Contracting authority:  City Council of Pierrelatte

Project Supervisor: SAS Profil Ingénierie – Philippe Gonnet, Landscape Architect & Designer

Installation: CITEOS

Square, a downright square pole

Available from 3 to 8 m high, the Square pole developed by CONIMAST is suited to all your urban development operations and the rigour of its square shape further highlights the creative skills of our designers.

It’s new!

> CONIMAST has developed new brackets for the Square pole, in single and double versions, which protrude by 0.5 and 0.8 m (excluding lamps).

> Square is also available as a wall pathway bracket, protruding by 0.5 and 0.8 m (excluding lamps).

POP’Up*, the new generation hinged pole

Made up of a square base and a double articulated arm of rectangular section, the Pop’Up pole is particularly suited to sites for which elevator bucket truck interventions are impossible or not considered.

The tilting manoeuver can be performed by a single person using a rope equipped with two quick-release fasteners, which brings the polehead equipment down to worker height (about 1.40 m). Pop’Up is available in 5.5 m and 6.5 m sizes.

*Registered design


  • Partially buried pole for rooted installations
  • Hole(s) on the central shaft for loudspeakers and other equipment
  • Powder coating, in monochrome or two-tone
  • Spigot O/ 76 mm


Designer style / Upgradable / Practical and ergonomic

The single or double spigot can support all types of street lamp.

The shaft is made of powder coated galvanized steel for lighting fixture heights of 5.50 and 6.50 meters.

Stand’Up*, the fixed version of the Pop’Up* design

So you like the Pop’Up design? Would you like to equip easily accessible sites?
The Pop’Up line is available in a fixed version and goes by the name of Stand’Up.
Stand’Up is available in 5 and 6-m versions to light urban centres and roadways.
Stand’Up is also available as a duo, in 5 and 6-m versions.

*Registered model

Please check with our sales network!
The Stand’Up line includes four models: Duo – Signalétik – SPOT – Patrimonia

Naturally urban Tree Light

Created by CONIMAST and the lighting design agency Cobalt (Lyon), Tree Light has a surprising tree design that fits perfectly in its urban environment. Its design won two prizes at the 19th FIMBACTE Festival, the Living Environment Gold Trophy (designs, products and services category) and the Online Image Trophy (voted for by internet users).

The Vancouver pole

Combined with a more traditional or contemporary-style street lamp, the curved Vancouver poles make up decorative assembles that transform urban and rural sites alike: squares, pedestrian streets, walks and parks. The sober and aesthetic lines of these 3.5 or 4-meter lampposts, made of hot-formed, galvanized and powder coated steel, are ideal when seeking to achieve discreet and harmonious integration.

The Venise pole doubles the pot

The delicately curved Venise line produces a very attractive aesthetic effect.
Made of galvanized steel, which can be powder coated on request, these conical lampposts can accommodate all types of lighting fixtures.

Contracting authority: City Council of the Community of communes of Champagnole Porte du Haut-Jura
Lighting Project Supervisor: CEEC

New for 2016: the Venise line is now available in “double bracket” version.

ZENITH, a futuristic and poetic line

By extending its arching lights over the road, the gently curved line of the ZENITH pole lights the entire road in one fell swoop.

Contracting authority: EPADESA
Public spaces project supervisor: ARTELIA, BET agent, Richez_Associés, Architects and Town Planners
Lighting Project Supervisor: Public scene, Agathe Argod
Installation: Eiffage Énergie (sector 1), Citeos (sector 2), Viola (sector 3)

Tunis, the heritage pole par excellence

The TUNIS pole is a modern needle pole, equipped with several lighting fixtures to be oriented according to requirements. It is perfect for lighting a square or monument.

The Tunis pole is available in straight and tilted versions.


The MONTBARD* pole

With its curved bracket in the form of comma, the Montbard pole is a modern piece of urban furniture that fits in with all types of configurations.

Its bracket is available in single, double and “offset light rear-end” version, as well in pathway bracket version.

*Registered design

The Saint-Pierre* pole

With its simple, double and offset pathway bracket in “offset light rear-end” version, in cast aluminum, the Saint-Pierre is a curved, straight or inclined conical lamppost, standing between 6 and 8 meters tall.

Its original interwoven curves add character to squares and roadways alike.

*Registered design

The GAMA* pole

As an indivisible whole, the Gama pole and bracket boast a graceful and slender silhouette, making it the ideal component of any urban or industrial project.

*Registered design

The Vega* pole

The tapered and sober line of the Vega pole and bracket allows it to harmoniously fit in with all contemporary urban sites.

*Registered design

The SOCLEMS* pole

Soclems truly is a modern-day obelisk, its lighted tip towering at a height of 12 meters above a three-sided pole that emits a myriad of rays of light through 2,200 harmoniously positioned slits. This purely decorative product can be equipped with two or four Lumifil-type poles to add a dreamlike, fairy tale quality to  your urban lighting…

*Registered design