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Anti-corrosion warranty


The durability of hot dip galvanizing and powder coating treatments is now well-established. The process developed by CONIMAST guarantees the consistent quality of the coatings, offering a life expectancy of several years.

The France Galva group, which CONIMAST belongs to, has developed an anti-corrosion and durability warranty with an insurance company.


Warranty periods:

Anti-corrosion warranty Durability of the powder coating
C2 : Environment located more than 5 km from the seafront 10 years single layer : 7 years
C3 : Environment located between 1.5 km and 5 km from the seafront 9 years single layer : 7 years
C4 : Environment located between 500m and 1.5 km from the seafront 7 years double layer : 6 years
C5M : Environment located less than 500 m from the seafront 4 years double layer : 4 years